Baking & Snack Food


SPS has been involved in the baking and snack food industry since it’s inception. The CS-1 Sifter has been a reliable and proven piece of equipment with a long track record of success. Most applications require a two separation sifter which has a capacity of up to 50,000 lbs per hour. When more separations are required we can offer a 3 or 4 separation machine. If you need to sift small batches of ingredients or require tailings testing, we offer the RS-1 portable reclaim sifter which can sift up to 600 lbs per hour of material. SPS can also help with replacement filters, connectors, catch cloths, magnetics, silencing equipment and many other products that are used in the Baking and Snack Food Industry.

You can always turn to SPS for help with your filtration, screening, connectors and custom product needs.