Fabric Ducts

Fabric Ducts and diffusers are becoming very popular in modern construction. Our sister company American Fabric Filter (AFF) started making fabric ducts as a fail-safe for baghouse return air vents in woodworking applications. Since then we have expanded our line to include HVAC diffusers as well as air return bags.

Fabric Ducts have many benefits over traditional metal ducts:

1. Quieter – This is achieved by reducing the noise transfer from fans as well as absorbing sound in the local environment.
2. Installation – They are much easier to install due to their light weight and can be removed and washed as needed.
3. Condensation – The fabrics do not absorb moisture thus eliminating condensation problems found in metal ducting
4. Filtration capabilities – The ducts will capture any fugitive dust that is in the airstream. (not applicable for ducts with set diffuser hole patterns)
5. Aesthetics – Fabric ducts come in a wide range of colors, shapes and sizes.

Please contact us today for your customized quote! American Fabric Filter Co Custom Fabric Air Ducts are a versatile ducting system designed for efficient air distribution and easy installation. Custom-designed to meet your specific application. AFF’s Fabric Air Ducts are an economical alternative to traditional sheet metal ducting.