Screen Inserts

SPS stocks a wide range of medias to fit all of your screening needs. We stock many of the more common meshes in our large finished screen inventory and can make any other mesh screen you may require quickly. Our mesh stock includes T430 stainless steel, 304 stainless steel and Nylon monofilaments to suit your needs. Contact us today for your screen requirements.


Part Number
Insert Assembly Plub 118
Ballwire Screw 116
Threaded Lockwasher – internal teeth 117
Type B Insert Frame – 4 spout S201 01270
Type A Insert Frame – 2 spout S201 01434
Ballwire S201 01500
Perforated Plates S201 01600

Misc Screen

Part Number
Unbrako Hex Head Screw (screen screw) 119
Screen Washer for Installation (smooth) 120
Screen Mounting Kit (Includes rods, screws & washers) SMK


Part Number
Carmichael S125
5/8" White Rubber Ball S126
5/8" Nylon Ball S127
1/2" Nylon Cube S128
5/8" Silicone Balls S129
11/16" White Rubber Ball S130
5/8" Tan Rubber Ball S131
5/8" Poly Balls S132
1/2" Poly Balls S133