Rubber & Vinyl Products

Flexible, Durable & Air-Tight

Thru our sister company American Fabric Filter Co. we offer a wide range of rubber and vinyl products (most are food grade) to satisfy the requirements of our customers. Our line includes fabricated sheet rubber and vinyl products, plus many forms of stock and special order flexible tubing and connectors.

Rubber Coated Nylon (RCN) and Vinyl Coated Nylon (VCN) can be cut and sewn into almost any size or shape. Grommets, loops, zippers, ground wires, etc. can easily be incorporated as needed. RCN and VCN work well for flanged connectors, equipment covers, load-out sleeves and catch cloths. We provide molded 10 3/4″ and 12″ long Corrugated Rubber “boots” in various diameters and compounds.

Gum Rubber Tubing is stocked in 2″ to 16″ diameters and 1/8″ to 1/4″ wall thicknesses for use with or without a pressure-containing canvas jacket. Higher temperature compounds like Silicone and EPDM are also available in stock and custom spliced sizes. Tough, clear Polyurethane Tubing is especially suitable for handling abrasive materials like rice and granular foods.

Pressure Sleeve

We manufacture heavy-duty pressure sleeves of FDA approved white gum rubber with reinforced cotton duck jackets for use in pressurized food processing applications. Feel free to call or email one of our expert sales engineers for a custom quote.

We custom make heavy duty canvas fabric jackets that contain any product form escaping incase of a tubing blowout.
fabricjacket2fabric jacket