AFF has the distinction of being the manufacturer’s representative for Dings Magnetic Group in the state of Florida. Dings offers a full line of magnet products that are used numerous industries. Dings magnetic separators for ferrous and nonferrous metals are used in a wide variety of industries.

In addition to ensuring product purity, they prevent costly repairs and downtime by protecting processing equipment from damaging metal. Reclaiming metals, recovering saleable materials, and concentrating minerals are other important uses for Dings products.

Dings has been manufacturing a full line of separators since 1899, and through the years has
pioneered a number of key design features such as the long-life magnet coil and the Durabelt.
These innovations, along with a solid record of reliability, assure you of a high-performance product.

  • Overhead electro magnet
  • Overhead permanent magnet
  • Eddy current separators
  • Drum separators
  • Magnetic head pulley
  • Magnetic sweeps
  • Processing magnet

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