CS-1 Gyratory Sifter Monthly Maintenance & Sanitation

*Add grease to the (3) grease fittings: Lower spindle, Base bearing, Bearing housing plug.

*Every 25-28 days the CS-1 sifter decks and screen insert frames need to be disassembled and thoroughly cleaned & sanitized.

Step 1. Remove the clamps and connection sleeves from the top inlet and bottom discharge outlets.

Step 2. Dismantle the (4) hold down rods by removing the nut and bracket with a ¾” wrench or socket.

Step 3. Remove the deck stack from the sifter. The insert frames need to be removed from the sifter deck and cleaned with a soft brush or compressed air to remove any loose product which has accumulated on the insert frame or screen.

Step 4. Check the screen for any sign of failure.

Step 5. Remove any remaining product from the sifter deck the same way as cleaning the screen frame.

Daily Maintenance

The CS-1 sifter requires very little daily or weekly maintenance.

Step 1. Visually inspect the sifter while in operation as well as when idle.

Step 2. Using a pencil or finger lightly touch the top cover of the sifter while it is in operation. The contact on the cover should draw a perfect circle. If the sifter looses contact or pushes the pencil up than the sifter is not shimmed properly or a bushing has failed.


It is recommended that the following spare parts be kept on hand to minimize down time and consequent loss of production.

– Spare set of screens. Sifters are only as good as their screens.

– Screen cleaner balls (S132) & cubes (S128). Balls & cubes are available with a magnetic steel core & color dye.

– A set of gasketing & adhesive
Plain seal (1), lip seal (1), tail seal (1), corner seals (4) per deck.

– Spare set of bearings.
( upper bearing (902-00301), lower bearing (902-00501), base bearing (902-00701), bearing adapter(902-00901).

– Magic Grip Bushing (201-01508)

– (4) Hold Down Rods, Brackets & Nuts

*- A set of (4) Stabilizer assemblies.
Change out all (4) Stabilizer Assemblies at the same time.
By changing the Stabilizers all at once you can expect all the bushings to fail around the same time. Since the average bushing will last around 14 months, changing them every year keeps the sifter running great while requiring less maintenance. Keeping a spare set of stabilizer assemblies helps keep down time to a minimum while decreasing the chance of a shimming error. Most sifter problems occur when the stabilizer assemblies are shimmed incorrectly. Incorrect shimming causes the X-frame to flex up & down. Since this flexing happens 265 per minute it does not take long for the flexing X-frame to crack the corners and destroy all the sifter decks which are attached to the frame. Running the sifter on a failed bushing will have a similar effect.