The CS-1 sifter drive is composed of 5 main components. The X-Frame which the decks rest on, the upper wheel, lower wheel, spider base and stabilizer assemblies. The spider base and x-frame have no additional parts and rarely require replacing. The Wheels and stabilizer assemblies are made from various components, some of which are wear parts and will require some maintenance. SPS is the sole supplier of all components of the CS-1 drive. Please click on the correct component group for more information.

Base Components

Part Number
Counterweight Wheel 18
2" Counterweight 18A
Counterbalance Sheave 28 CB
Belt Guard Assembly (Pfening 24S) 28B
1 HP Explosion Proof Motor 30
X-Frame 32
Hi-Power V-Belt B 80
Spider Base B01

Spindles, Bearings, Snaprings

Part Number
Bearing Housing Plug 11
Base Bearing B2-LB
Upper Bearing B24-U
Lower Bearing, Tapered B26-L
Bearing Adapter (includes lock-nut & washer) B27-A
Bearing Housing B9-BH
Large Outer Bearing Snap Ring B10-LRG
Small Inner Bearing Snap Ring B22-SML
Thrust Collar 23
Filler Ring 25
Lower Spindle B06
Upper Spindle B21-U
Magic Grip Bushing Key B30-KEY
Magic Grip Bushing B30-MGB
#" Cotter Pin B7-CP


Part Number
Stabilizer Assembly 35
Stabilizer Assembly with Square Knuckle
SS-2 Stabilizer Assembly 37
Stabilizer Rod 40
Clevis Assembly 41
Knuckle Assembly 42
Solid Steel Knuckle Square 42S
Stabilizer Nut & Bolt 45 46
Silent Bloc Bushing 44
Shim set of 4(12, 20, 26 and one more) 47