CS-1 Sifter Trouble Shooting

Below you will find a list of common problems customers have with the CS-1 sifter. Please contact us if your current issue is not listed.

Issue: Sifter is leaking

    • Check the gasketing of the sifter. The gaskets need to be properly installed.

(see attached index)

    • Gaskets should be flexible not dry and brittle.
    • Check the inlet and outlet connection sleeves. Do they blow up like a balloon? If so the air lock is bleeding air into the sifter and pressurizing the deck stack causing the product to blow out. The CS-1 is not a pressure sifter.
    • The decks sides get bent over time which can cause a gap between the decks allowing the product to leak out. This can be corrected by simply tapping the bent track into position with a drift pin & hammer (See Below)


    • Check that the hold down rods are tightened down to 20ft. lbs.

Issue: Sifter is bouncing up & down

Check the shimming of the sifter. When the shims are incorrectly installed the sifter will either flex up or down depending on whether there is not enough or to many shims. This flexing of the sifter base will cause the decks stack to bounce.

Issue: Insert frames will not fit into place

      • Check that the guide pins are in the track to the insert frame.
      • Make sure that the screen mounting screws are tightened past the edge of the frame. If they are sticking out the frame will not fit in place.

Issue: Excessive overs / tailings

    • Product spec has changed.
    • Product is wet or damp.
    • This can be corrected by adding or removing screen cleaning balls & cubes.
    • If the screens are not tensioned properly the product can puddle which blinds the screen.
    • Blinded or blocked screens clog the screen area preventing the product from passing thru the screen which sends the product to the overs spout.