Port Hole Maintenance Sanitation

Suggested Inspection Port Hole Maintenance Plan

The inspection port holes are designed to have the cover plate removed daily for inspection. To utilize the inspection port holes you must run the sifter for a period of three to five minutes after shutting off the product feed. This will remove any remaining product and give you better visibility of the screen area. After the sifter has cleaned itself out for a few minutes the sifter is ready to be locked out and the power turned off. Once the sifter is locked out you can remove the wing nuts and cover plate. With a flashlight you can inspect the screen for any damage. This eliminates the need to remove the CS-1 sifter decks from the base of the machine. The standard sanitation procedure will still apply.

CS-1 Sifter Sanitation

  • CS-1 sanitation procedure: (sanitation time frame depends on the product being sifted & the environment the sifter is running in)
  • Every 25-28 days the CS-1 sifter decks and screen insert frames need to be disassembled and thoroughly cleaned. Remove the clamps and connection sleeves from the top inlet and bottom discharge outlets after the sifter has been locked out to ensure the sifter will not turn on. Dismantle the (4) hold down rods by removing the nut and bracket with a ¾” wrench or socket. Remove the deck stack from the sifter by pulling the decks apart. You may need to use a flat head screwdriver to help separate the decks at the corner assemblies. Do not use the screwdriver anywhere else on the deck as it will bend and damage the side track.
  • The insert frames need to be removed from the deck and cleaned with a soft brush or compressed air to remove any loose product which has accumulated on the insert frame or screen. The insert frames pop out of the deck with minimal pressure from the underside of the top of the frame. With the insert frame removed the deck is ready to be brushed or blown off to remove any remaining product.
  • Remove the cover for the inspection port hole from all decks and wipe the seal clean.
  • Wipe any remaining product from the sifter deck and check for any damage to the deck or gasketing.
  • Reassemble the deck stack and insert frames. The decks may need to be tapped with a rubber mallet to help them seat properly. Connect the hold down rods and tighten them to 20 foot pounds.