Portable Reclaim Sifter


AFF’S all new sanitary design Portable Reclaim Sifter incorporates many innovations to make this the easiest and most efficient tool available for your small batch sifting needs. It can be operated on top of a rolling base or mounted to a wall depending on your needs. A custom RCN output dust chute allows easy changes between containers while maintaining a clean working environment. The RS-2 ships with one screen, one dust chute and a rolling base. Optional items include a dust cover, wall mount and custom designed dust sleeves made to connect to your vessel of choice.

RS-2 Features

Variable Speed Motor Controller
Stretch & Glued Screen Frames
Batch Sift Up to 1800 lbs/hr
Optional Dust Cover
Waterproof 110V Vibrating Motor
Rolling Base
Optional Wall Mount
Quick Release Locking Hold Down Clamps
RCN Dust Chute

RS-2 Includes:

PORTABLE SIFTER & ROLLING BASE ASSEMBLY – 24″ dia. x 8.5″ high 10 gauge all sanitary stainless steel construction; Screen open dia. 18.5″; Flange mount for vibrating motor; (2) rubber gaskets mounted above and below insert frame; (1) insert frame with screen mesh attached. Includes (4) rolling leg assemblies; RCN dust chute, Capacity up to 1,800 lbs/hr (flour/30 mesh).

SCR-300CE HEAVY DUTY ELECTRIC VIBRATOR – Adjustable Force & Frequency Electric Vibrator, consisting of a rugged, permanent magnet DC motor, and a SCR DC Speed Control in a NEMA 4 plastic enclosure. Complete with a combination ON – OFF Switch & single turn speed control potentiometer, fuse, and a cord with a standard NEMA 5- 15P 3-prong plug, ready to be connected to 110 – 120 VAC, 50/60 Hz, 1 PH. Power Adjustable speed 0 – 4000 Vibrations per Minute (VPM), 950 – 2500 VPM. Continuous duty. 300 lbs. of force maximum. Constructed for use in Corrosive Environments with epoxycoated windings, epoxy paint, cast iron covers, and high temperature grease in bearings.

SCREEN – One (1) Nylon or Stainless Steel Tensile Bolting Cloth (TBC) screen is provided with each sifter system in stock 30 mesh. Screen fabric is permanently attached to 3/4″ wide stainless steel support ring. *Additional charges may apply on special order fabrics.

ROLLING BASE Welded heavy duty 1″ dia. stainless steel tubing frame designed to support sifter over a steel, fiber or plastic container. Features include vibration damping rubber mounts and locking wheels.

Optional Accessories for the RS-2 Sifter

WALL MOUNT– Includes (2) Stainless steel angled brackets to support RS-2 sifter for wall mounting.

DUST COVER – Nylon Satin, 24-1/2″ ID X 2″ L. Closed top. 2″ hem w/ bungee cord enclosed and cinch belt with buckle. 20″ X 10″ Top U-shaped zipper.

ADDITIONAL SCREENS ORDERED WITH SIFTER – (Special order fabrics may have additional charges)