Fabric Filter Division

For nearly two decades Sifter Parts & Service, Inc. has been a leading provider of custom made filter bags and transfer sleeves for the food, wood, chemical and mineral industries. We began by designing and fabricating unique cloth “breather socks” and sleeves to connect its sifters to the diverse assortment of equipment found across the USA and overseas. All fabric products are custom designed and made to fit your needs. Large quantity products are done on automated equipment. Dozens of fabrics are stocked for use on specialized equipment; dozens more are available by special order.

SPS manufactures high efficiency replacement bags for all plenum style collectors, whether for an OEM baghouse or an individually designed system. SPS provides free technical assistance to ensure a match to your plenum design and a proper fit. Filters may be ordered with zipper at the bottom for emptying or for use with a bucket or drum. Our singed-surface scrim-supported felt promotes filtration of the finest dust while offering durability and long bag life. Numerous options include clear viewports, belt loops for easy installation, and skirt to keep rim clean and facilitate dumping.

We continue to expand our range of fabrics and designs far beyond industry standard felts. Shiny nylon and polyester satins provide outstanding cake release for problematic sticky or fibrous dust, while high-breathing mono-filaments and rugged coated fabrics are available for filters enduring harsh outdoor conditions. As always, each SPS system is custom designed and manufactured by a knowledgeable staff that listens to each customer’s needs and creates a unique, effective filter design based on CFM, dust type, and usage — within space available.

We offer replacement cartridge filter elements for baghouses and dust collectors. SPS replacement cartridges fit most OEM units and are manufactured to the OEM specifications or higher from quality components to provide top performance. We can cross-reference virtually any product or modify a design to solve specific problems. Cartridge filters provide a very large filter surface area within a compact package and are especially effective in air filtration applications in confined spaces.

SPS manufactures catch cloths of 18-gauge vinyl for installation under conveyors in the food processing and baking industries. Catch cloths prevent errant product from dropping onto other lines or being transferred throughout the plant; they facilitate plant cleanup by confining spillage in one area. SPS offers catch cloths with custom sizing and grommet placement to fit beneath any conveyor. We can duplicate straights, 45