Inspection Porthole for the CS-1 Sifter

Sifter Parts & Service, Inc. is proud to announce the development of an inspection porthole on its line of CS-1 Gyratory Sifters that allows easy access to visually inspect 100% of the screen area without the need to disassemble the sifter. The porthole is easy to use and requires no tools; simply unscrew two wing nuts and remove the metal cover plate. Sifter Parts & Service has the capability of retrofitting existing CS-1 sifter decks during the repair process. The inspection porthole facilitates maintenance and sanitation requirements as well as helps to extend the life of the deck and gasketing.

The cost of the inspection portholes is $200.00 per deck added to the cost of a new deck or to the cost of deck repair. Included is: (1) front side port hole with cover plate and self-adhering gasketing, (1) rear side porthole with cover plate and self-adhering gasketing & (4) nylon wing nuts.

sifter inspection porthole